Download: Call of Duty Mobile Android beta, India

The increased popularity of the Battle Royale genre of shooting games can be credited to Fortnite and PUBG, but a fair amount of credit also goes to Call of Duty, the game that contributed to the popularity of shooting games. Every Call of Duty game is massively anticipated on PC as well as consoles, and its publishers, Activision, are now hoping to tap into the mobile segment to emulate the success of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile.

Activision has teamed up with Tencent Games to release Call of Duty: Legends of War, it’s newest first person shooter for the Android platform. The game combines the familiarity of the Call of Duty universe and brings it over to Android in a game that would certainly grab the attention of fans of the fps genre.

The game features multiplayer (with game modes like Free4All, Search & Destroy, Team Deathmatch and Frontline) as well as a zombie mode, so you can go against humans or practice your hands with some bots. You can play as iconic Call of Duty characters like Price, Ghost and others, and like all other free-to-play games, you can customize your character and weapons using the in-game currency which can be earned (read: grinded) by playing through the game, or can be purchased through real world cash.

Call of Duty: Legends of War has just been soft launched in Australia. Maps available on launch include Nuketown, Killhouse, Hijacked, Crossfire, Standoff and Crash. IAP options are not yet live within the app, but we expect them to make their way into the game once it is available globally.

How to Download COD Mobile APK + DATA

This MediaFire link of ZIP file, which includes both APK + Data.

How to Install & Play ?

  1. Unzip Downloaded File using third-party apps available on goolge. ( I recommend, ZArchiver.)
  2. Open Unzipped folder.
  3. Install APK, after installation, start game for 5-10 seconds. ( Don’t worry, when it shows you a white or black screen.)
  4. Now Copy & paste com.activision.callofduty.shooter to /Android/obb folder.
  5. Done! Play & Enjoy.

Chanakya’s Triple Filtering Tactic.

In January 2015, An Australian median manipulator Matthew Carpenter has created the website called, He has created this website to provide a glitter bombing service. That means You can send a glitters to your enemy and anyone you want. In Real, Matthhew didn’t mail anything. Many people have visited his website and also have shipped glitters to their enemy. In short, he manipulated people.
After few days, his website became viral. Some bloggers wrote about his website. He mailed those blog links to media companies moreover, his website became more viral. The Reel website became the real website. By the revenue earned from orders, he also completed the first 20000 orders. Just in a week, He sold that website for 100,000 Dollars. After all, He spent some money on first 2000 mails !

This is exactly how media and people manipulate us for their selfish motives. They have experts to manipulate us. They have a special trained team to draw our attention towards wherever they want.

So Here, I’m going to tell you, How to overcome with those liars, those manipulators ?

Exactly How ?

Let me narrate you a small conversation between chanakya and his disciple
Disciple: Do you know what I just heard about your friend?
Chanakya: Hold on a minute. Before you say anything I would like you to pass a little test. It is called as Triple Filter Test.
Disciple: Triple Filter Test? What is it?
Chanakya: Before you talk to me about my friend, it might be a good idea to take a moment and filter what you are going to say? That is why I called it as Triple Filter Test.
The first filter is Truth
Chanakya: Are you absolutely sure that what you are going to tell me about my friend is true?
Disciple: No, I just heard about it.
Chanakya : All right, you don’t know if it is true or false.
The second filter is The filter of goodness
Chanakya : Is what you are going to tell me about my friend is something good?
Disciple: No, on contrary
Chanakya : you want to tell me something bad about my friend but you are not sure whether it is true
The third filter is The filter of usefulness
Chanakya: What you want to tell me about my friend is going to be useful?
Disciple: No, not really.
Chanakya concludes
MORAL: Before you speak something, check whether it is useful, meaningful and helpful

The ‘Insane’ Ruler : Adolf Hitler

HeyGuys , My brothers, and their sisters. This is Nishi Patel with my first ever article. I am more of a funny type of person but our beloved Urvish came up with Hitler. According to him a “moron ruler” – I must say a nice name.

I may describe Adolf Hitler with a few words like –
⦁ Persuasive
⦁ Powerful
⦁ Idealist
⦁ Radical
⦁ Racist
⦁ And obviously Dictative
Many people differ in opinions about him. Some say that he was horrible, some say he was a great leader. I personally agree with both. Everyone knows about his leadership skills and the inhuman Jews massacre.

Let us start from the very beginning, right from his birth. On 20th April 1889, Adolf Hitler was born to An Austrian parents Alois Hitler and Klara Hitler. At primary school, Hitler showed great intellectual potential and was extremely popular with fellow pupils as well as being admired for his leadership qualities. However, competition at secondary school was tougher and Hitler stopped trying as a result.

Hitler’s father died when Hitler was 13. Hitler now had to carry his family as he was the eldest child. Hitler had a great interest in becoming an artist. At the age of 18, he moved to Vienna with money inherited after his father’s death in 1903, in order to pursue a career in art, as this was his best subject at school. However, his applications for both the Vienna Academy of Art and the School of Architecture were rejected. I and many suppose that it was particularly this time when he started developing an interest in politics. 

During the first world war, Hitler volunteered for the German army. He won several medals while serving the army for his bravery including the Iron Cross First Class. In 1918 there came an end to the first world war when Germany surrendered and the agreement to the Versailles treaty. Hitler was badly injured and they say that he was almost blinded by the mustard gas attack. He was in depression due to the loss of the war.

Almost a year later in 1919, he attended his first meeting of the German workers’ party. It was an anti-Semitic (anti-jews) and nationalist party.Hitler was greatly influenced by this and he became an active member and orator there. His speeches were full of impact, people started getting influenced by him and his passionate speeches. He talked about the injustice faced by Germany due to the Versailles treaty. More and more people were joining the party just to hear Hitler. Soon he became the leader and renamed the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazi).

There was a terrible economic condition in Germany due to losses of the war and inflation was rising steeply, Hitler began to get more support. He wanted the government to agree with his terms but seeing his rising influence they put him behind bars. He was released after some months.

In the following years, the great depression hit Germany and Hitler and his party began acquiring more support. Hitler was polling for the presidential election in 1932 against Paul von Hindenburg. Hitler came second in the elections but soon in 1933 rose to the chancellor of Germany. In the later years Hitler eliminated all his opponents and soon after the death of Hindenburg, Hitler became the dictator of Germany.

Hitler’s speeches were full rage and he wanted to avenge for the loss in a first world war. He kind of sparked a fire in the people to rise for their power.

Adolf had a strong hatred for Jews. He believed that they were the reason for the loss of the war and the economic crisis. He was the cause of the most inhumane event in the human history “The Holocaust”. The Nazis brutally murdered about 6 million Jews. They were tortured, raped and starved to death.

Hitler was clever and cruel. I should say a deadly combination. In the beginning, the powerful neighbors ignored Hitler but soon he was to create terror. In 1936, Hitler invaded the Rhineland, which had been demilitarised at Versailles. He then proceeded to annex Austria and parts of Czechoslovakia. Under the Munich Agreement of 1938, the West accepted this. In 1939, Hitler made an alliance with Russia (Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact) and with Italy (Pact of Steel). On 1 September 1939, Hitler invaded Poland and the Second World War began as a result. In April 1940, Denmark and Norway were also taken. France quickly followed. Hitler made a no war agreement with Russia but after sometime Hitler attacked Russia. Russians used clever tactics and defeated Germany. Here the downfall of Hitler and Germany began.

Hitler had made him a 6 floor underground bunker called Führerbunker. They say that in last 6 months of the war,  Hitler gave orders from the bunker itself. There are many stories regarding this period. At this time, he knew the war was almost lost. Russians took over the Germany and just before they could catch Hitler, he shot himself dead with his wife Eva Braun and it is said that they both got married just a night before. But this all was only one perspective as said by Russians, there are many shreds of evidence and conspiracies regarding Hitler being escaped before anyone catches him. Americans say that Russians just never found Hitler but just for their honor worldwide they declared Hitler did suicide. They even say that after escaping from Germany he lived in disguise in America itself.
Hitler was a man of secrets. His leadership traits cannot be matched by anyone but even his cruelty traits cannot be, even He was monster rather I should say an intelligent monster.

Thank You for reading. For knowing more or have any questions about anything drop me a mail at

Let’s Ignite a Spark.

In 2016, China changed its One-Child Policy to Two-Child Policy. But Why? Why Do giants like Apple, LG, Samsung make their products in China?

The Reason is, China has an amazingly low labour cost and this labor is well-skilled as well as hardworking. But through the course of time, they have realized that with the passing generation young labours are becoming older and less productive. What is the leading cause of this deterioration? One Child Policy. Due to One-Child policy, They will not have enough population of young individuals resulting in less and less productivity. That’s the major reason, they have changed their policy.

What about India? India is the youngest country in the world, in terms of average age. We already have 63cr young people, who can change the country.
The task we have at our hand is to Ignite a spark in them, motivate them to keep going and do their great things. So, Here I would like to share three quotes said by legends with stories related to it, Which Ignite the spark in youth to cross the ‘Aukaaat’(Limits).

1. Short Story Of Mahabharata.

Who was the most unique character in the Mahabharata War? Maybe all have different opinions according to their perspective. But Somehow, I strongly believe that “Karna” is a perfect answer to that question. If you don’t comply, then here’s a thing, think, why did Duryodhana give him a state, where he was not even willing to give a piece of lands to his brothers? Why Had Even lord Krishna ordered Arjun to kill him when he was trying to pull-out stuck wheel of his chariot? Why didn’t Bhishma allow him to fight in the initial days of the war? And even think why did he waste his achievement ‘Brahmastra’?

Everyone knows, Karna was born to Kunti as a bless from Sun, But Unfortunately, he had to grow up in Sooda Family. His father was the chariot driver of Bhishma.
Maybe Karna was the first one, who did his study in Self-Financed Institute, “Parshuram University”, instead of the Institute operated under the state of Hastinapur, “Drona University”.

During the official competition of Hastinapur between Kauravas and Pandavas, Karna entered on to the ground and asked to take a part in that competition. Drona strictly said that it is the competition of Princes, not for the son of chariot driver.
At the time, Karna replied Drona. And this is the first quote of Our article.

He replied.

“दैवायत्तं कुले जन्म मदायत्तं तु पौरुषम्.”

that means, “Whether I am a weaver or his son, whoever or whatever I am, the birth in this family was given by my Daiva or fate. But the prowess and power I have accomplished are by my own self.”

The moral of the sentence is … it doesn’t matter whether you were born in the rich family or poor family, as a black or white, male or female, privileged or unprivileged; what matters is what you make of the life you are given.

2. Story Of Dashrath Manjhi.

Dashrath Manjhi, widely known as the “Mountain Man”, was a poor laborer in Gehlaur village, near Gaya in Bihar, India.

In the 1960s Dashrath Manjhi (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) lived in a small village Gehlaur near Gaya, Bihar, India with his family including his wife Phaguniya Devi (Radhika Apte) and his son. There was a rocky mountain near his village that people either had to climb across or travel round to gain access to medical care at the nearest town Wazirganj. One day Manjhi’s wife (when pregnant) fell while trying to cross the mountain and eventually died giving birth to a girl, after which Manjhi decided to carve a road through it. When he started hammering the hill people called him a lunatic but that only steeled his resolve further. After 22 years of back-breaking labour, Manjhi carved a path 360 feet long, 25 feet deep in places and 30 feet wide.

During the days when he was carving, Media and Politicians also noticed him doing this. When he had carved the mountain, and made a way for people, one politician asked him to say something about his feeling of success.

Manjhi replied,

“ भगवान के भरोसे मत बैठो, क्या पता भगवान तुम्हारे भरोसे बैठा हो |”

Translation :

“Don’t count on God to make things happen, what if the God himself is counting on you.”

3. Story Of Edmund Hillary.

Who were the first persons to climb the Mount Everest? Of course, one is Edmund Hillary as the title. And the other one was Sherpa Tenzing. Climbing the Mountain is not a piece of cake. Even they hadn’t made it to the top in the first try.

In 1953, Hillary already had become an experienced climber, and his next aim was to climb on the Mount Everest. He met a local mountaineer Sherpa, decided to climb the mountain Everest along with him.

Hillary was not successful in his first attempt as we think. His first attempt was a failure. But When He was going back to home after had a failure. He had written in his diary a sentence. This is our third Sentence of this article.

He wrote ….

“You are the mountain, You can not grow from here. But I’m a human. I can grow.”

Conclusion :

During his Farewell speech of Loksabha, Javed Akhtar said. Currently, India is the youngest country in the world with 50% of the total population are people at working age. That means We have almost 630 million people of young age who have an ability to conquer the world and make India the superpower.

He also added, “Currently India is in the position, from where it may become a superpower Or may fall 200 years back in the upcoming time. It totally depends on our youth, On Us.